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Free Autumn Coloring Pages (Print and Download PDFs)

Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable autumn coloring pages below.

Autumn is a whimsical time of the year. The air is turning cooler, the leaves are changing their color, and the days are getting shorter. Shorter daylight means kids are spending more time indoors and less time outside. The good news is that you can still enrich their days and keep them away from mindless television with the help of Autumn coloring pages. 

Features Bright Autumn Colors That Kids Love

The autumn season features stunningly vibrant colors that fill the great outdoors. The leaves change from green to hues of reds, yellows, and oranges. It truly is a magical time. With autumn coloring pages, kids can toss those green crayons to the side and color the leaves with a wide array of colors that emerge during the fall season. 

They Get Kids Excited About Autumn Activities

Even though the weather starts to turn chilly in Autumn, most areas have an abundance of activities during this season. Autumn coloring pages are a great way to get your children excited about those activities that you plan to do. A nature hike, fall festival, pumping carving, bonfires, and hayrides, are all fun activities featured in Autumn coloring pages that you can do with your children. 

Help Celebrate The Autumn Holidays

There are a wide array of holidays that occur during Autumn, and they vary depending on your culture and country, and Autumn coloring pages is a great way to celebrate those holidays with your children. In the United States, for example, the two most well-known Autumn holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving. In Ghana, the Festival of the Yams occurs in Autumn, and in Korea they celebrate Chuseok, also known in Hangawi, Autumn. There is also Oktoberfest, which is a huge 2-week Autumn festival in Germany, and Day of the Dead, which takes place in early September in Mexico.

Fun Way To Pass The Time On Chilly Autumn Days

One of the drawbacks of Autumn is that the weather is chiller, which means kids usually spend more time indoors than in the summer months. Autumn coloring pages provide them with a fun way to pass the time without just sitting them in front of the television. What’s even better is that you can incorporate other activities, such as reading an autumn-related book or letting them snack on traditional Autumn foods, while they are enjoying the coloring pages. 

Teach Kids About Autumn Facts

Autumn coloring pages give you the unique opportunity to teach your kids about Autumn facts. For example, the Autumn season is only called Fall in North America, and Autumn was once called harvest. This is because Autumn is the time of year when crops are harvested. But how did it get the name fall? As people moved out of the country away from farm life, and into cities, the term harvest started to take a backseat to “fall of the leaves.” Over time, this term was shortened to Fall, which is how most people living in North America refer to the Autumn months.

Kids Can Learn Why The Leaves Change Color

While just about everyone knows that the leaves change color in Autumn, not very many people know the reason why. During the Autumn season, the days get shorter, which means trees don’t get as much sunlight. Without the sunlight, they cannot produce chlorophyll and the leaves begin to break down. This causes the leaves to change to yellow and orange. Leaves that turn red are caused by pigments found in the leaves. Different types of trees will produce different types of pigments. When the leaves are red and purple, that is due to certain pigments that are only produced when there are sugars trapped in the tree’s leaves. The amount of sugar in the leaves will very depending on the amount of sunlight and dry weather.

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