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Free Jojo Coloring Pages (Print and Download PDFs)

Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable Jojo coloring pages below.

Hi. My name is Jojo Tickle, and I am a clown who lives in Circus Town. Tons of fun stuff happens here every day, so it’s important to learn as much as possible so I don’t miss a thing. What kinds of things do you think might happen in a city called Circus Town? Whatever you can imagine, it is probably right- and more! There’s so much to see and do everywhere, but the best stuff is under the Big Top. I just can’t wait to learn all the tricks I’ll need to perform there with all the rest of the clowns. What’s your favorite circus act?

I have a lot of talented and funny friends, but I don’t go anywhere without my pet lion, Goliath. Do you have a pet? Goliath is always getting lost, silly kitty! A lion is a Great Cat, but he’s my silly kitty just the same. Together with my best friend Skeebo Seltzer, we sometimes call him Mr. Funnyshoes. He wears a big cowboy hat and has a sheriff’s star on his vest. We go to Clown School together with all the kids in town. I have tons of friends there besides Skeebo, like Croaky Froginin and Trina Tightrope. Do you have any friends? What is their name? The days always give us something new. On the first day of school, Croaky and I agreed to teach each other tricks; I’m going to learn leaping and jumping stuff from her! Even though I am not a frog, like she is, it’s fun to pretend; what animals do you like to pretend to be?

We go to the Little Bigtop Circus School and learn from our teacher, Mrs. Karen Kersplatski. She’s a master of all things fun, goofy, and exciting, and the ringmaster, too! Learning to tumble is my favorite, but it’s always important to be safe. Your parents keep you safe; who else helps keep you safe? My dad is Mr. Tickle and my mom is Peaches Tickle; they are always ready to laugh and learn alongside us. Sometimes they join in the fun, too! It is always important to be safe, especially when you’re being silly and goofy.

Since clowning is the subject and my teacher is the ringmaster, hilarity and hi-jinx are never far away. The lessons might be laughs, but we learn real important stuff, too. Circus Town would never work if everyone didn’t pitch in and help make it happen.  Especially with a little bit of help. When something gets lost, or someone is sad, nothing makes us feel better than helping make it right. When was the last time you helped someone? Helping makes you and the other person feel better: always ask how you can help, so don’t make things worse!

While clown school is fun, it is also a lot of hard work. In one day, we played kickball, learned to juggle, and do card tricks- all before lunch! All that practice pays off when we get to perform, though! We love to play outside almost as much as we love to play under the Big Top. Animals and plants sometimes join us, too, learning, laughing, and playing as we become better kids and clowns. You never know what will happen around Circus Town, with surprises and lessons around every corner. One time when I was fishing, I caught a boot! Have you ever gone fishing?

My mommy and daddy tuck me in at night, and I dream of all the fantastic tricks I will do one day. For now, I’ll listen to Mrs. Kerspaltski and work hard to become the funniest, most exciting clown Circus Town has ever seen.

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