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Free Nativity Scene Coloring Pages (Print and Download PDFs)

Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable nativity scene coloring pages below.

The nativity scene is an important part of the Christian faith, as it is all about the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. Nativity scene coloring pages help to teach children about this important part of their faith in a fun and entertaining way.

Teach Children About The Birth Of Christ

Nativity scene coloring pages give you the opportunity to teach children about the birth of Christ. God sent an angel to Mary letting her know that he was sending a holy spirit to help the people, and that she would give birth to this spirit and name him Jesus. Let your children color the nativity scene coloring pages while you read them the story. This will help them visualize the story better, while keeping them from getting bored with just listening. Try to also time the coloring pages with the part of the story you are reading so they coloring the specific scene at the same time as you are reading it to them. This isn’t necessary, but can make the experience more interesting. 

Homemade Christmas Present

Kids love making presents to give to their friends and family during the Holidays. What better gift than to allow your children to color coloring pages featuring the nativity scene. You can even bring out some extra craft supplies, such as glitter or pieces of fabric, so your children can add those to the pages as well. For younger children, cut out the pieces of fabric in the shape of Mary’s or the wisemen’s clothes and let your children glue them overtop the coloring pages. 

Get Kids Into The Christmas Spirit

The nativity scene is a common sight during the Christmas season. In most cases, however, the nativity scene is made up of breakable figurines that children cannot touch. Giving your children nativity scene coloring pages gives them something of their own that they can enjoy while helping to get them into the Christmas spirit. These coloring pages also can help keep children entertained when they are bored and stuck inside during a cold and gloomy winter day. 

A Useful Tool For Bible Schools

Nativity coloring pages make a great addition to bible schools. The story of the nativity isn’t merely told just at Christmas time, though this is when it is more prevalent. It can be taught at anytime of the year, and actually helps to teach children about an important part of the Christian faith. The nativity story teaches us to experience the love of God, and to believe that he is with us and that we are with him. It is a story that people of all ages can enjoy. 

Create A Family Tradition

Giving your children nativity scene coloring pages can quickly become a family tradition that they continue on with their own family when they get older. Before beginning the coloring fun, make sugar cookies with your children using nativity scene cookie cutters. Once they cool, decorate them with colored sugar and icing. Then, when our children are coloring the nativity scene, read the Christmas story to them and let them snack on the sugar cookies and hot chocolate. 

Keep in mind that you can adjust these activities to ones that work better for you and your children. Nativity coloring pages work with a wide array of activities, and you can even watch nativity-related cartoons with your children while they are coloring. The importance is not what you’re doing, it’s that your spending time with your children. 

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