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Free Pocoyo Coloring Pages (Print and Download PDFs)

Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable Pocoyo coloring pages below.

Although sometimes it may feel like all of the internet is just filled with bad content, the truth is there are still some great shows for kids that teach important skills. Pocoyo is one such show. This Spanish-British animated children’s series features the adorable little Pocoyo. He is an innocent little boy, learning all about the world. If your child loves Pocoyo, you can use these fun coloring pages to entertain your kids while giving them a much-needed screen time break. 

The Benefits of Screen Breaks

Screens are a daily part of our kids’ lives today. Because screens are so often used in education as well as entertainment, it is important to understand that you can’t really get away from screens. But what you can do is balance screen time with other activities. If your child has a favorite character they like to watch on screens, you can encourage them to take a screen break by presenting coloring pages of their favorite characters. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should encourage screen breaks. 

Vision- Today, eye doctors know that prolonged exposure to the blue light that is emitted from screens can have a negative effect on your eyes. This is especially true for children. The best way to protect your child’s vision is to schedule regular screen breaks. 

Health and Fitness- Another important reason you should be encouraging screen breaks is so that your child can get the appropriate amount of physical activity each day. Even if the content they are interacting with on screens is educational and safe, the fact still remains that they are not moving around during this time. Physical activity is an important part of a child’s development, both physically and mentally. 

Plan screen breaks so that children can engage in more physical activities such as playing outside or participating in sports or other physical extracurricular activities. 

Learning Lessons With Pocoyo

During the time your child is on a screen, you should encourage them to interact with good, wholesome content, preferably content that is educational. You can use Pocoyo coloring pages to help them retain lessons they learned by watching the show. Here are a few of the topics that are frequently taught on Pocoyo. 

Letters and Numbers – This show covers many basic skills for preschoolers, including letters and numbers. Because this show also features Spanish, it can be used with children of many languages to help them learn Spanish as well. 

Getting Along – This show also encourages good manners and social interaction for children. It is very important that children learn the appropriate way to interact with their peers. This show can help. 

Daily Habits – Helping children establish good daily habits can be challenging. Pocoyo can help. The show features episodes dedicated to good daily habits. 

Be Brave – Children are often scared of many things. It helps when they can see their favorite tv characters overcoming their fears. Pocoyo often features this as a topic of episodes. 

Questions to Ask While Your Child Colors

After watching an episode of Pocoyo, you can present these great coloring pages to help your child take a break from their screen and review what they have learned. Use these questions to review. 

What did you learn on the show today?

Did anyone on the show remind you of yourself?

How can you use what you learned?

Who is your favorite character?

Why are they your favorite? 

Who is your least favorite character?

Why are they your least favorite?

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